Ormskirk Market Day

Who do you think they are?...please help us identify these mystery photographs

Photograph 1 - dated December 24th 1947

Photograph 2 - Upholland Grammar School c.1927

Photograph 3 - Rothwell family group c. 1898

Photograph 4 - OGS Hockey Team 1932-33

Photograph 5 - Rigby collection, group of ladies, 1960s

Photograph 6 - Ormskirk Grammar School, 1958

Photograph 7 - Halsall Lane, ca. 1900

Photograph 8 - a collection of family holiday photos, ca. 1930s

Photograph 9 - Ormskirk parade, 1950s ?


Plus some unknowns from the Martin Bell/Cropper-Heyes family collection...

  1. Young Lady sitting on a bench, c.1900-1910
  2. Lady in a pale long-sleeved outfit (possibly a pinafore), c.1900
  3. Young man in soldier’s uniform posing on what could be a gazebo or bandstand, c.WW1
  4. Melling Brass Band, performing outdoors
  5. Reverse of Melling Brass Band photograph
  6. Young lady in hat and buttoned bodice; the style of clothing suggests that it was taken c.1875-1885.
  7. Unknown man with side-parted hair, wearing a coat, waistcoat, and large knotted cravat; the style of clothing suggests that it was taken c.1850-1860.
  8. Unknown group of two adult women, one adult man and a baby (possibly Eric Cropper) sitting on the grass, c.1920
  9. Unknown group, including sixteen adults, one older girl (seated) and one young girl (seated) outside a house, c.1900
  10. Unknown lady wearing glasses, c.1900. The photographer’s mount includes the name Van Ralty.
  11. Unidentified house, possibly a farmhouse. It features two chimneys, two windiws on the ground floor, two windows on the first floor, and some time of trellis or lattice around the front door. Part of another building is visible on the left edge of the photo.
  12. Two men and one boy posing in a car; this is likely to be a souvenir photograph taken at a fair or similar event.
  13. A man and a woman standing by a gate with two horses, c.1900 (oval-framed)
  14. Two boys standing by a tree; one about 12 years old (wearing a watch chain on his waistcoat), the other about 15 years old, c.1900.
  15. Two couples standing by a wall, possibly in a garden, c.1900.


Ormskirk Church
Ormskirk Parish

Ormskirk railwaymen 1908
Ormskirk Station

Scarisbrick Hall 1815
Scarisbrick Hall

Skelmersdale Station

Moor Street market
Moor Street