Ormskirk Market Day

From Alan Cooper...

My maternal grandmother Sarah Norris, née Paterson (1881-1956), lived in a small cottage at the top of Alty's Lane, Bickerstaffe. Here she raised three children - Henry ("Nolly", 1916-2006), Campbell (1917-1999), and my mother, Edith (1921-2004) - as a single parent following the early death of her husband, Henry Norris (1885-1926). I was born there in 1945, though we moved later that year to Manchester when my father, Charles Cooper (1913-1989) was demobbed. I remember the cottage from the late-40s/early-50s as having no gas or electricity, lit by oil lamps, and with an outdoor earth closet (toilet) in the back yard next to the old pigsty. The cottage is still there, across the fields from Edge Hill University, presumably now with updated facilities.


Alan with Grandma Norris 1948

Old Norris4




Sarah Norris with grandchildren Alan & Jean Cooper, in Alty's Lane ca. 1948






 Old Norris3

Sarah Norris (on right) with daughter Edith and A.N. Other. Date unknown, but probably late-1920s?




 Edith Norris old

 Edith Norris - late '20s?












 Old Norris1

Norris Family old



Henry ("Harry") Norris ca. 1920, with sons Henry & Campbell (possibly) on right.

Henry Sr. died 1926, in Bickerstaffe





Edith Norris with Bunce girls

Edith domestic service




Edith Norris, in domestic service, 1930s











 Edith on motorbike




Edith Norris - undated, but probably early 1940s. Note the wartime blackout slits fitted to the motorbike headlamp.










Edge Hill Wartime

Edge Hill College in wartime - requisitioned for use as a military hospital in WW2, where my father trained as an RAMC medical orderly.


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Ormskirk railwaymen 1908
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Scarisbrick Hall

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