Ormskirk Market Day

AGM 2018  At our AGM, held on 23rd May 2018, Bill Huyton informed us that he was resiging from the Chairmanship due to health problem.  Bill has been Chair for the past 13 years and has done a great job, however he will be remaining on the Committee Hand will help out the new Chair as much as possible.

Kate Hurst was unanimously elected to take his place, with immediate effect.  Kate is our Magazine Editor and runs the Facebook page, and will be known to many of our members.  She will continue with both of these roles as well as taking on the Chairmanship.

Jean Gidman resigned as Librarian after 19 years in the role.  She also will be remaining on the Committee but felt that she needed to reduce her commitments.  Kathryn MacDonald was newly elected to the Committee, and she will take on the role of Librarian, assisted by Jean when necessary.

Sadly Don Holt decided that he must resign from the Committee, after many year,  again for health reasons.  He will remain a member of the Society and hopes to be able to become more involved when his health improves.

Isobel Woods has also been on the Committee for many years but has been unable to attend Meeting for the last couple of years because of illness.  She has become a co-opted member of the Committee.

Other members elected to the Committee were:-   Pam Richardson (Secretary), Sally Dean (Treasurer), Andrew Scarisbrick, Richard Clare, June Golics, Dot Broady Hawkes, Keith Jenkins, Ian Myers.                                                                            



Ormskirk Church
Ormskirk Parish

Ormskirk railwaymen 1908
Ormskirk Station

Scarisbrick Hall 1815
Scarisbrick Hall

Skelmersdale Station

Moor Street market
Moor Street